Making Art Objects / Sculptures

We produce sculptures and Art objects by three-dimensional printing. This unconventional approach allows us to produce the final product of any shape.



Due to the flexibility of the technology, we are not limited in size. Extensive experience and the availability of special materials together provide the required rigidity and strength of the structure.


In the case where the rigidity of the plastic and the internal filler is not enough, we can always make an internal metal frame, which will be a support.

  • Проектирование

    Let's take a step by step look at how the process of creating large shapes on a 3D printer. First of all, we prepare the model in such a way that the maximum number of 3D printers are involved. It turns out a kind of mosaic to be assembled after 3D printing. This method has a competitive advantage. If you use a large number of printers, the order will be implemented as soon as possible.

  • 3Д-печать

    The process of three-dimensional printing takes place without much interest, so it will not stop. But on the gluing and Assembly of the puzzle stop. A frequent question from customers: "How strong are the products, after the Assembly of puzzles?" The whole secret lies not in gluing, but in soldering parts together through the use of a special chemical reagent. The connection at the junction is stronger than the seal itself.

  • Покраска

    The final process is painting. To achieve the perfect surface quality, the model is covered with a special putty and additionally with liquid soil. After what vyshkurivaetsya. And so several times, until the surface is not displayed in the ideal. After painting the product is very smooth and beautiful.