3D scanning service to order

Transferring the form of a physical object into an electronic form.

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Types of work provided:

Point cloud

Transfering of a physical object to a set of vertices in a three-dimensional coordinate system

Reverse engineering

Transfer of a cloud of points to a traditional model in the format of STP, STEP, DXF, IGS

Size control

Verification of deviations by applying two or more surfaces.

RangeVision Spectrum

Equipped with industrial cameras with a resolution of 3.1 mpx. Customizable working area allows the use of Spectrum for scanning jewelry, and for the digitization of cars.

Point Cloud

Spectrum is equipped with two industrial-grade cameras with a resolution of 3.1 mpx. Together with advanced geometry data acquisition algorithms, it provides accuracy up to 0.07 at the minimum scanning area.

Reading complex shapes

The presence of two industrial cameras facilitate the process of capturing the geometry of the object and make the data processing more stable. That is why RangeVision Spectrum is perfect for digitizing the surfaces of complex objects.

3D scanning example