Exposition "Ice Sculpture Park" in Sochi - ROBOTMASH

Exposition "Ice Sculpture Park" for FSBI "State Museum of Sports"

Grand opening

On October 28, 2019, a large-scale exhibition dedicated to winter sports was opened at the Iceberg Sports Palace in the Olympic Park. The organizers of the exhibition are the State Sports Museum and the FSBI South Sport. The general contractor is ROBOTMASH.

The exposition consists of 18 figures with imitation of ice cover, the height of which is more than 2.2 meters each. The figures are made in accordance with the sports presented at the Sochi 2014 Olympics Games.

The result of the experiments of our specialists in the manufacture of "ice" sculptures was the effect of a uniform glow of the polymer. It was the first time in the history of 3D-printing when such an effect was achieved.

Project Highlights

More than 1500 m2

The exposition is located in the Iceberg Palace (Olympic Park) and can be viewed from several floors. 


Light show

To create shapes, more than 500 pieces of spot LEDs of directional glow were used. More than 1.5 km of LED strip were installed in other elements of the exposition.


Together we reached the maximum quality of the facilities and minimized the number of defects, which allowed us to print the project in 1 month! Convincing speed, isn't it?

SBS plastic

 We used more than 350 kg of SBS plastic. This material, together with special LEDs and chemical treatment, made it possible to create an imitation of ice.

Setting shapes

16 figures were fixed to the ceiling by hanging. Laying of electric wires and cables was carried out at a height of more than 19 meters. Also we calculated all attachment points.

Pedestals and showcases

More than 4 kilometers of metal profile were used in order to create pedestals and showcases. Pedestals placed awards and trophies of the Russian team.

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