A huge production hall is working for you around the clock!

330 square meters of the production site clogged with high-tech equipment are created for your projects. Own fleet of equipment allows you to make orders in the shortest possible time!

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  • First 3D farm

    The total production area of 330 square meters. A large area of this space is occupied by a 3D printing hall. The total number of 3D printers includes 204 units, that makes it possible to compete with the casting in TPA.

  • Workshop

    The second largest room is a mock-up workshop. The dimensions of this room are selected due to orders for the manufacture of large-sized products and layouts. The workshop includes a painting area and a wash bath.

  • Stock

    In addition to 3D printing services, our team is engaged in the supply of equipment. To meet the constantly increasing demand for 3D equipment and maintenance of its own production, we organized a warehouse.

Production Equipment:

  • MJP

    3D Printer 3D Systems ProJet MJP 2500

    The high-precision American industrial-grade 3D printer makes it possible to manufacture products from photopolymer using the MJP technology. The main advantage is high speed of printing.

  • SLS


    This 3D printer produces products using SLS technology. The SLS technology has two competitive advantages: obtaining any geometry in combination with high strength of products.

  • SLA

    Formlabs Form 2

    The 3D printer has proven itself well both in the market and in our production. SLA technology is ideal for designers, jewelers, casters or mockups.

  • FDM

    FDM 3D printers

    This universal 3D printers are able to solve most of the problems arising in production. A large number of 3D printers brings us closer to large-scale production.

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