The company ROBOTMASH became the official representative of Colossus in Russia and the CIS countries

We are ready to present you a highly qualified service for large scale printing on the biggest portable 3D printer in the world. The Robotmash team has undergone a monthly training at the Colossus plant in Belgium and has become the first and only representative of the company in Russia and the CIS.

Now you can order 3D printing at Colossus, rent a printer for an event, undergo training and become a dealer of an European brand.

We want to overcome the barrier of entry for designers and planners to sell not only our projects, but also turn someone else’s vision into objects without limits. The large printing area of the machine allows you to produce large-sized forms: furniture, art objects, cars, prototypes.

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Together we build the future!

Combining excellent design solutions and the use of machine tools in production, we give birth to unique projects!

Team work

The development of technology in the field of three-dimensional printing is gradually replacing traditional production methods but now we already anticipate possible trends and points of development of the industry.

Together with Colossus specialists, we are developing a project for the modernization of 3D printing technology, plus we are searching for new material manufacturers. In the near future, we plan to increase productivity and quality of work with 3D equipment and reduce the cost of the printing process.

One of the 3D printing trends discussed at the Formnext 2019 exhibition was the transition of industry participants to recyclable materials. They are not only environmentally friendly, but also much cheaper.

Even today, the technology embodied in the Colossus machines, allow printing with recycled material in the form of granules. Moreover, material printing with direct extrusion, for example, pieces of furniture, takes a few hours.

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Expanding horizons!

A distribution contract was signed, which gives the right to ROBOTMASH to represent the interests of Colossus on the territory of Russian-speaking countries!

Become a Colossus Dealer.

Contact us to find out more about working with Colossus and become a dealer of the Belgian brand.

Terms and conditions:

English - proficiency not lower than intermediate. Technical English is appreciated.

Month internship at Colossus production in Belgium. Make sure you have a visa for the trip.

Phone number

+7 (495) 540-53-61

Other contacts

Trudovaya Street 16, Korolev
A preliminary appointment to visit the demo hall is required!


Detailed information about the printer, application, specifications and recycling.

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