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Simplify3D ® Version 4.1

Version 4.1 of professional 3D printing software Simplify3D continues to innovate the industry. Version 4.1 provides enhanced control over the printing process and opens up new opportunities for a new generation of 3D printers. Keep reading to learn more about these new features.

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Multiple content support

The new ability to support multiple materials offered in version 4.1 gives you the opportunity to solve new problems involving several colors or customizing the properties of the final product. The software will automatically generate a garbage pillar during significant changes in the movement path of the working head to ensure the best result from the 3D printer.

1. Support up to 6 extruders

The program is optimized for printing with multiple extruders, which allows the use of up to 6 materials or colors simultaneously.

2. "Garbage" pillar

The "trash" pillar always ensures that the tool is cleaned at the beginning of each layer before printing. Each tool will be ready at the moment it is needed, with the result that you get clean layers with a clear definition of color or material.

3. New building dynamics

If a particular extruder is not used during part of your printing, the software will combine several areas in the cleaning column to improve stability and reduce printing time.

Improved print time estimate

Time estimates are more accurate in Simplify3D version 4.1. Updated algorithms mimic the actual behavior of the printer firmware to improve prediction accuracy. This allows you to estimate time, providing the software with a more accurate approximation to actual results, which gives you confidence in planning time.

Extensive testing on a wide variety of 3D printers shows a significant improvement in accuracy across the board. Users will have more accurate predictions.

Improved sequential printing

Sequential printing is a special printing mode that allows you to optimize the construction of several objects. The option allows you to print individual parts one after another, to minimize the hooks for the next part when moving the head. This print mode has been significantly updated in version 4.1 with several new features.

No collision

Version 4.1 introduces new features for sequential printing. The software will detect potential collisions and change the printing strategy. This allows you to consistently print and use with a more complex table layout. Enjoy free planning with superior print quality.

Sequential backing

The sequence of printing the substrate is now more intuitive for several parts of prints. When using the serial printing mode in Simplify3D, each raft will now be printed directly in front of its corresponding part. This aligns the order and provides greater adhesion and reliability, which helps reduce potential failures in several parts of the table assembly.

V4.1 also includes many popular user requests.

Detection of successive angles

New algorithms for intelligent bridge construction in version 4.1 use the model topology to automatically select the best direction for a successful bridge. The results provide significant improvements over previous versions, giving the print a higher chance of success while increasing the lower surface plane.

Individual additions of parts

Version 4.1 includes an improved ability to determine individual parameters for neighboring objects on the print platform. This allows you to make products more efficiently and tightly assemble print jobs, while maintaining full control over bridges, framing, pillars, and temperature protection shields.

Print complex objects with ease

Simplify3D is known for its ability to handle incredibly large or complex models with ease. Version 4.1 further improves these capabilities, which gives you more energy to handle even the most complex objects. Import larger models, export files faster, and bring your print to a new level.

Intellectual hard layers

Solid layers in version 4.1 were optimized in such a way that they are added only when absolutely necessary. The software also has the ability to change the trajectories of the solid layer in order to create a stronger connection with the upper and lower perimeters, increasing the strength along the Z axis of the finished part.

Support 50+ new cars

Simplify3D works closely with hardware manufacturers around the world. Version 4.1 supports the latest generation of 3D printers. This release adds support for 50+ new 3D printers from many popular brands.

Many other improvements

Additional improvements in 4.1 include improved interface, better motion sequences, quick scripts, a new version of the Portuguese language, more than 100 bug fixes and much more!

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