The art object "Throne Game of Thrones" went on sale – ROBOTMASH

The art object "Throne Game of Thrones" went on sale

The ROBOTMASH company completed a large-scale project for the manufacture of an exhibition "Ice Sculpture Park" for the sports museum in Sochi. One of the 17 figures made by the method of three-dimensional printing was the throne from the famous series “Game of Thrones”, stylized in honor of the 2014 Olympic Games.

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Throne design

The throne consists of a base, a metal frame and a plastic mold reproduced by a 3D printer according to a three-dimensional model.

Order a throne from the “Game of Thrones” made in your own style!

We offer you not just a product but a comprehensive service for the manufacture and installation of an art object.

  • Size

    The height of the throne was 230 cm. There are no size restrictions to solve individual problems.


  • Weight

    The weight of the throne is 350 kg. If necessary, the weight of the product can be increased by filling the hollow elements.


  • Loads

    In this configuration, taking into account the installation of a metal frame, the maximum possible load is 500 kg.


  • Material

    The throne is made of PET-G material - durable non-shrink plastic. Resistant to chemical attack.


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